World of Tanks: World of Hurt
Upload Date September 11th 2013
Series none


World of Tanks: World of Hurt is a let's play video that Jared played on his main channel. Jared prefers the "kill 'em all" method of playing the game. He tries to snipe but can't find anyone. When he tries to leave, he falls off the hill, gets stuck, and is then shot to death.

In the next game, Jared finds a house to camp in, but nothing happens. He hides in a tree, finds an enemy and shoots it, but it shoots back, and once again is killed.

The third match begins with Jared destroying trees. He gets stuck on two more hills. He is killed again.

Jared creates the clan Nuptup to get stronger and actually have a chance of doing well. He keeps missing the enemies, because his team mates keep stealing his kills. Eventually, he does get a hit, but is then immediately killed.

Jared tries to hide, but his driver becomes injured, and is killed from behind. Que montage of Jared being killed over and over. He ends the video advertising his Twitch stream where he will play with his fans - because he needs help.