Wii U - Chore Killer
Upload Date December 3rd 2012
Series None


Chore Killer is a skit video featuring Jared and Lauren Moore. Jared was asked to enter a competition for Nintendo to create a video to advertise the Wii U. Jared's video ended up winning. Neither Jared nor Lauren speak during the entire video.

Plot Edit

Lauren is reading in the lounge room when Jared walks in holding the new Wii U. Together, they play Nintendo Land, Zombie U and New Super Mario Bros U. When they finish, Lauren shows Jared a spray bottle and paper towels, indicating that it's time to clean the house.

Jared starts cleaning, but Lauren can still hear Mario playing. She looks over at Jared, but he's still cleaning. But she can still hear it. Eventually, she catches Jared playing. Jared runs off, and hides in various places around the house, but Lauren keeps on finding him.

Once Jared is finished cleaning, he heads over to the Wii U to play it again, where he finds the gamepad missing. He goes back to the dryer to find Lauren in there, playing.