Wii U - CatCaller
Upload Date November 26th 2013
Series none


For the 2013 Nintendo Video Challenge, Jared used a similar idea to the one he used last year. Once again, he used Lauren to make a non-voiced video to advertise Nintendo's new game, Super Mario 3D World.

Plot Edit

Jared is playing Wind Waker, when Lauren comes in and shows off Super Mario 3D World. They both start playing and Jared discovers the bell item. He picks it up and he himself turns into and starts acting like a cat. He scratches at Lauren's face and jumps off the couch. Lauren has to try to get him down from lying on top of the cupboards. Jared lays down on Lauren's laptop when she is using it. He plays with the toilet roll. Then he jumps onto the bed that Lauren just made. He then taps at the door to go outside, only to walk away once Lauren opens it.

Lauren has had enough, and throws a green shell coaster at Jared, taking the power-up away. They play again, and this time Lauren gets the costume, and scratches at Jared's face.