The Ganondorf Challenge was one of the first videos that Jared uploaded to his new channel, ProJaredPlays. In this video, Jared would show off a challenge he came up with in Super Smash Bros. Melee.

Smash Bros. Ganondorf Challenge
Upload Date September 16th 2014
Series none


Synopsis Edit

Jared and his friends prefer to play co-op stuff rather than competitive, so what they try to do is to find their own co-op modes. In regular Melee mode, the challenger makes his opponent Ganondorf level 9, and the challenger is Link. Change the mode to 3 stocks with handicaps on. Link's handicap goes down to 3, while Ganondorf's stays at 9. The stage to choose is the Temple stage.The challenge is to stay alive as long as possible.

When Jared shows it off the first time, he dies very quickly, and can barely explain what he is trying to do, as he gets destroyed. Usually he is playing with two other people, and it is still difficult to win. Jared explains that he chose Ganondorf because he has big strong hits, and isn't too big and slow like Bowser. Jared explains that it doesn't work in Brawl, because the handicap system is different there. Jared gets beaten again.

On his third attempt, Jared states that he wants to KO Ganondorf once during the demonstration. It doesn't happen. The fourth attempt is no good either. His fifth attempt looks pretty good, as he gets a huge amount of damage on the first stock. Even over 300% a smash attack barely moves Ganondorf at all. He gets Ganondorf to 429% before losing, the best he has done so far. On the sixth attempt he finally does it. Jared celebrates after killing Ganondorf once! His seventh and final attempt, he aims to take two stock off Ganondorf. He doesn't.