After the success of his previous Nuzlocke, Jared made an attempt at his second Nuzlocke in the latest Pokémon game, Pokémon Y. Jared added a few more rules to the game, including one very controversial rule, which the community developed a hatred of.

In this Nuzlocke, Jared went into the game with no knowledge of the game. While he knew a few details, he kept most information about the game a secret from himself. Secondly, he decided to remove healing during battles, unless a Pokémon move allowed it.

List of Episodes Edit

Ep No Link on wiki Link to video
1 New Beginnings New Beginnings
2 I Want It! I Want It!
3 Doom'd Doom'd
4 Just Got Real Just Got Real
5 King of the Skies King of the Skies
6 Rip Off Rip Off
7 For the Horde For the Horde
8 Unburdened Unburdened
9 Stupidface Stupidface
10 Haunted Haunted
11 Nom Nom Nom Nom
12 To Mars To Mars
13 Not Obvious Not Obvious
14 Growing On Me Growing On Me
15 FireRed Wedding FireRed Wedding
16 Desperation Desperation
17 Sacrifice Sacrifice
18 Handled Handled
19 Eat Kitty Eat Kitty
20 Morphin' Time Morphin' Time
21 True Form True Form
22 Trabitches Trabitches
23 Don't Trust Baby Don't Trust Baby
24 Scary House Scary House
25 Eyewear Eyewear
26 Lost Hotel Lost Hotel

Result Edit

Warning: Spoilers ahead

With his last Pokémon in hand, Jinglejangle the Klefki, Jared attempted the Lost Hotel. Unfortunately, he came across an Magneton that was far too strong, and killed JingleJangle, ending his Nuzlocke with six badges.

Controversy Edit

Jared introduced a new rule for this Nuzlocke where he could not use any healing items during battle. This inevitably cost him many Pokémon, and potentially cost him the Nuzlocke. Despite this, he would continue using this rule in later Nuzlockes despite criticism from the fan base.

Trivia Edit

  • The titles of each episode changed from "Blind Nuzlocke" to "Nuzlocke Blind" from episode 9.