The Pokemon Nuzlocke was a series on Jared's YouTube channel dmjared. It was a Nuzlocke Challenge of Pokémon FireRed. This would become Jared's most famous Nuzlocke, and created several iconic moments and characters that the channel is now known for, such as Nuptup the Vileplume.


List of episodes Edit

Ep. No. Page on wiki Link to video
1 To The Forest To the Forest!
2 Enter Quip Enter Quip
3 Shorts Cult Shorts Cult
4 Crit Happens Crit Happens
5 The Rise of Nuptup The Rise of Nuptup
6 Diglett's Cave Diglett's Cave
7 Prepare for Trouble Prepare for Trouble
8 Sonic Boom Sonic Boom
9 Magnitude Death Magnitude Death
10 Screeching Screeching
11 Deal With It Deal With It
12 Skulls of Your Enemies Skulls of Your Enemies
13 The Rules Suck The Rules Suck
14 Grumpy Rage Grumpy Rage
15 F***ed F***ed
16 Materialistic Materialistic
17 The Rocket Brothers The Rocket Brothers
18 A Bad Idea A Bad Idea
19 Nice Things Nice Things
20 Disaster Disaster
21 Damn Thing Gone Wild Damn Thing Gone Wild
23 From Beyond the Grave From Beyond the Grave
24 I Am Rich I Am Rich
25 Hurr Hurr Hurr Hurr
26 Chill Chill
27 A Problem A Problem
28 Future Sight Future Sight
29 Jinxed Jinxed
30 Stumbling Through the Dark Stumbling Through the Dark
31 Burn Heal Burn Heal
32 Echoes of the Past Echoes of the Past
33 Redemption Redemption
34 Elite Four Elite Four
35 Two Down Two Down
36 FINALE: The Champion FINALE: The Champion

Result Edit

Warning: Spoilers below

Jared ended up winning his Nuzlocke, with Leebin and Nuptup the only two survivors remaining in his party. His other party members that made it to the Elite Four were Q, Farf, Idilsor and Stellar. He also had two Pokémon still in storage. Gworvan and Wiggleywoo.

Controversy Edit

In episode 20 "Disaster", the game crashed, losing some of Jared's grinding. Later on (and not shown during the YouTube version), the game crashed again, however was much more significant as Nuptup had died between the last save and the crash. Jared continued playing and kept Nuptup alive anyway despite some concern from the community. According to the Nuzlocke rules, if a game crash occurs, it is the player's choice to decide whether the events that occured must still be enforced or not.