Since motion gaming is now all the rage, Sony dives in with their motion controller the Move for PlayStation 3. ProJared puts it to the test to see if it truly stands out among the rest.

Jared is trying to take off a woman's bra with the PlayStation Move. He is struggling.

PlayStation Move
Upload Date November 21st 2010
Series ProReview

Score A Wii out of Ten

Synopsis Edit

Jared is skeptical of the PlayStation Move, as it seems like a cash-in of the Nintendo Wii. However, Jared is going to be giving it a fair chance and reviewing how good the device is, rather than how good the games are. Jared likes how the controller looks and feels. The only criticism he has is the awkward Start and Select button positions.

Jared begins to play Sports Champions. He has to move his couch so he can actually use the camera. The first thing he learns is that he sucks at Disc Golf, but he finds that it is fairly accurate. In Table Tennis, he feels that the game isn't doing what he wants. Volleyball feels like a slower, less fun version of Tennis in Wii Sports. Jared had to buy a second controller just to play Archery. He starts a rave with his two Move controllers. Jared has played archery before so he is interested in how the game represents to real sport. It's OK, but Jared gets tired quickly. He really likes Gladiator Duel, and would say to buy it if it were a full game, although he does get tired quickly.

Jared also has a demo disc with Move games, so he decides to try them too. The first is Time Crisis. There is no challenge whatsoever as he just points at the screen and presses a button. In Kung Fu Rider, Jared doesn't know what is going on. He concludes that the game sucks. He tries Eye Pet, and is disturbed by the guy on the screen instructing how to play. Jared says that it is awkward to play and is lame. He changes to TV Superstars and is disgusted by the ugly hostess. He has to make an avatar using his own face, and he hates it. It's basically all those bad party games on the Wii. They're not very fun. He tries Beat Sketcher - draw on the screen and music starts playing. He writes LAME and gives himself a hat.

There are other titles updated to use the Move, such as Heavy Rain. You need an analog stick to play, but the Move doesn't come with one, so Jared needs a standard controller anyway. The controls don't really work too well.

Jared sees potential with better tracking control, but says that the camera is its biggest downfall. He then sets up for his next review for the Kinect.

Trivia Edit

  • This is the second out of the three first ProReviews that aren't in widescreen.