Nuptup, Destroyer of Worlds
Projared & Nuptup
Species Vileplume
Status Alive, Level 55, "Destroyer of Worlds", "Eater of Souls"

Caught Level 14, Route 24
Died (Before game crash) Level 40, Koga's Gym
Killer (Before game crash) Koga's Muk
Biggest Success Hall of Fame, Being the Eater of Souls
Death Quote (Before game crash) OOHHHHH NOOOO! NUPTUUUUP!? NUPTUUUUUP! *sings* TO THE END I WILL BE WITH YOU, WE WILL GO WHERE OUR DREAMS COME TRUE ALL THE TIME THAT WE HAD (incomprehensible) YOU WILL ALWAYS BE MINE MY BEST FRIEEEEND. (silence for a long time) *GAME CRASH* ...What? ... ...What da f***? (silence) *Tries to start up the game multiple times, but it keeps freezing* Uhh...Hold on... Oh god. *tries to start up again, freezes* (in the background) You're KIDDING ME! *tries again* Awwww... *calls to someone* Hold on, everybody! Coming! *blows nose* Be right back! (background) Last time, I gave you puppies! This time, you can have, uhh, A SWARM OF BEES! Haha, I don't know. *rubs hands together* *game does its crash thing again* *typing* *game starts up fine* *looks at pokemon, none dead* See, everything's f-fine! Everything's great, see?

Nuptup is the most famous member of ProJared's team.

She joined his team very early and stayed alive for the whole nuzlocke, becoming its mascot. She was also granted titles like "Destroyer of Worlds" or "Eater of Souls".

During the final battle against Guidjit, Nuptup was the one who took out the Gyrados that killed half of Jared's team.

Nuptup actually died once at Level 40. During the Koga Gym Battle, she kept missing and was hit with a critical sludge from Koga's Muk. But the universe didn't want this to happen and let the game crash. Through that, Nuptup was reborn which proved her divinity even further.

Trivia Edit

  • Nuptup inspired the developers of Volgarr the Viking to create a character based off of Nutup. It is a flower that spits up seeds.