There's no way Microsoft would pass up on the Motion Control Money Train. ProJared flails around like an idiot do determine if the fancy camera is truly worth it.

Jared looks bored as he plays with a Tiger on the Kinect.

Upload Date November 21st 2010
Series ProReview

Score An EyeToy out of ten

Synopsis Edit

The Kinect has sold so well, that it is basically compared to a successful console launch, which is really sad. There are so many people blindly buying it without any knowledge or software - but that doesn't include Jared. He bought it to review it. The Kinect is a lot bigger than Jared expected. Jared demonstrates how to use the Kinect with his hands and voice, and it is pretty cool.

He begins with Kinect Adventures. Just like in the PlayStation Move video, he has to move his couch. Jared has to talk with "Woah"s to make it sound more entertaining. Jared finds himself looking like an idiot jumping around and not having fun. Kinect Adventures has nothing that will make players wanting to keep going back to it. 

He moves onto Kinectimals. There is a slow 5 minute cut-scene and Jared gets bored before being startled by the weird creature that starts talking to him. Jared pulls out a knife and threatens to kill it. The game tells him to teach the tiger to jump. Jared reluctantly jumps, and the tiger falls down when it tries. Jared calls it an idiot. Jared plays dead and wonders what he's doing. Jared is happy with how responsive the Kinect is.

He tries Sonic Free Riders and has a lot of trouble turning and looks ridiculous waving his hand. He gets frustrated with struggling to turn and hurts his back. He even struggles with the menus.

Sonic Free Riders left Jared angry, so he plays Fighters Uncaged to get rid of his anger. Jared can't make a foot sweep, and trying to make an uppercut doesn't work - and the game even does a foot sweep when he tries this! The game was abysmal. 

Jared reveals that he left the best for last with Dance Central. The menu is simple and done right. Jared then shows off his dancing moves. This game shows how well the motion controls should work and is really good.

The software overall is hit and miss, and the tracking works pretty well but isn't precise. The Kinect isn't worth its price tag and is hard to recommend for everyone who doesn't like Dance Central. Jared discovers that Dance Central saves every picture it takes and he has to delete some pictures of him playing naked.

Trivia Edit

  • This is the third and final ProReview to not be in widescreen.