Jeflump using Wing Attack
Species Golbat
Status Dead

Caught Level 8, Mount Moon
Died Level 34, Silph Co.
Killer Rocket Grunt's Weezing
Biggest Success Soloed Leader Erika's entire team
Death Quote NOOO! THE CONFUSE RAY IS SUPPOSED TO STOP THAT !! you're nothing but a lump...with wings... *moaning and crying proceeds*

Jeflump was Jared's Zubat in his FireRed Nuzlocke. Jeflump was the butt of most of Jared's jokes during the series due to Jared's hatred of Zubats. However, he grew to like Jeflump, and it became a fan favorite.

Jeflump was caught in Shorts Cult, and Jared was disappointed to see it. Jeflump died in The Rocket Brothers, die to a self destructing Weezing.

Jeflump was used again in Ghosts in the Graveyard in Pokemon Go. Jeflump is leveled up, battles a gym, and is put into the gym Jared took over.