This is a video starring Brett (Jared) and Tres (Adam Teterus), and they are the best soldiers because they play FPS.

First Person Soldiers
Upload Date ScrewAttack: October 19th 2010

Jared's Channel: September 22nd 2011

Series none


They also have Nerf guns.

They demonstrate the skills they have learnt from:

  • Halo (running up screaming at each other, hitting each other with their guns and falling to the ground - Melee)
  • Counter-Strike (they jump around screaming - Bunny Hops)
  • Golden Eye (Adam taunting and chopping his hands - The Chops)
  • Red Steel (Adam flailing his arms around shooting a gun - Sword/Gun Combination)
  • Red Dead Redemption (exactly the same as the last one, but with a cowboy hat - How the West was won)
  • The History Channel: Civil War (exactly the same again, but with a coonskin cap - Coon-skin Hat
  • Max Jayne (Jared diving towards the camera shooting two guns - It's Bullet Time)
  • Gears of War (constantly swearing with covering under a fence - Filthy Mouths / Foul Language)
  • Fear (both jump up and make gibberish sounds - scare tactics)
  • Army of Two (Jared and Adam fist bump - Fist Bump)
  • Portal (Jared points his gun off screen, Adam points his gun on screen - Tranzlocations)
  • Splinter Cell (they help each other over a waist-high fence - Buddy System)
  • Far Cry 2 (they run along like animals, Adam falls over - Bestiality)
  • Mirror's Edge (Jared crashes over the fence - Parkour)
  • Bioshock (they walk in water - underwater combat)

The video ends with the two shouting loudly at each other and Adam fainting. There's also a post-credits scene of them drowning.

Trivia Edit

  • In the Gears of War section, the on-screen text says Filthy Mouths, but Jared says Foul Language.
  • This video is related to the Dale and Chip's Rescue Retail series, which also had Jared and Adam performing similar videos at ScrewAttack.