Jared looks like he is enjoying himself as he plays Dr. Quandary.

Dr. Quandary
Dr. Quandary
Upload Date October 11th 2012
Series ProReview

Score A Mensa out of ten


Synopsis Edit

The Secret Island of Dr. Quandary was the educational game that Jared played the most as a child. Jared shows the floppy discs that the game can be played on. Jared introduces the game. The Ferris wheel looks dangerous. In Troggle Shoot, Jared shoots the enemies from Number Munchers.

Jared always picked the B. Ginner prize because it looked like it was having a good time, but never chose D. Feecult because of that ugly face. He is disturbed by the doll's face. He chooses D. Feecult this time because he neglected it as a child. He decides that 'pumpkin head' looks really cool after all.

Jared puts on a funny voice to voice the lady in DiscAppear, and finds the game to be really hard. Jared likes the names of the discs that he receives. The monkey's mini-game is like an easy game of Simon, so Jared proves that he is smarter than a monkey.

Jared explains a few more games, and struggles at the tyre game. Then there is a room of dodging lazers, the only game that actually resembles an actual game. Jared hates the Tax Cowwector kid, and gives him a nerdy voice. This is the hardest puzzle in the game. Jared didn't feel any smarter for winning, particularly since the kid would always come from behind with a massive score. Jared did grow to hate the starfish though.

Jared liked the Catapault Fun Times game. Jared finds it amusing to throw the popcorn into the pterodactyl's throat and mimics the sound it would make for the popcorn to get stuck.

The recipe at the end is a challenge in itself on Hard mode. Dr. Quandary is a jerk in his recipe. Step four is to heat the mixture up so hot that you can't drink it. Step 5 is drink it! After another horrifying mouth shot, it goes back to the fair at the beginning of the game.

Jared still enjoyed the game. It's a fun point and click game, and Jared thinks it could make someone smarter. The visuals are also nice, and Jared would recommend it for kids. Jared is sad that Dr. Quandary wasn't as popular as other education games.