The Dark Cry Nuzlocke was Jared's first Nuzlocke on his new channel, ProJaredPlays. Jared decided to change up the formula of his Nuzlocke's by playing a crazy ROM-hack version. His choice was Dark Cry, a ROM hack of FireRed.

Dark Cry Part 1

List of EpisodesEdit

Ep No Title / Link on Wiki Link to video
1 WTF Kid WTF Kid
2 Peck Peck
3 BiCool? BiCool?
4 That's Not Geodude That's Not Geodude
5 Fly Out, Stupid! Fly Out, Stupid!
6 Guidjuk Returns Guidjuk Returns
7 Surviving Surviving
8 Poison Tears Poison Tears
9 Flinchlocked Flinchlocked


Warning: Spoilers below

The Nuzlocke was going well, until Jared found a trainer that should not have been able to be fought at that point in the game. Jared only had one badge, and while his Pokémon put up a strong fight, they weren't anywhere near strong enough.


While Jared continued with his no healing during battles rule, the game itself was far more criticized with it's poor level design and bizarre difficulty spikes that ended Jared's run way earlier than it should have.