Chivalry Duel! ProJared VS PeanutButterGamer!
Upload Date 24th January 2013
Series none


Jared and Austin play Chivalry: Medieval Warfare, and play against each other in beta mode.

They play best of 5.

Match 1 Edit

  • Round 1 - Jared wins the first round. The two flail around on and around the table, until Jared finally starts getting some hits in.
  • Round 2 - Austin smashes Jared with his flail consecutively, winning the game.
  • Round 3 - Jared finds his old dead body and starts poking it. They both hit each other at the same time. Jared tries to shield, but Austin strikes at the right time, winning match 1.

Match 2 Edit

  • Round 1 - Austin chooses a pebble thrower attack. Jared runs away. Jared eventually bashes Austin.
  • Round 2 - Jared begins by bashing Austin, but he runs away. Austin manages to get Jared with a pebble, and it does a lot of damage. Austin then manages to get some more distant shots in and wins.
  • Round 3 - Jared quickly stabs Austin and wins quickly.

Match 3 Edit

  • Round 1 - They both hit each other, but Austin gets the kill shot.
  • Round 2 - Austin smashes Jared to death in one blow.

Match 4 Edit

  • Round 1 - Austin hits Jared through his shield, and after Jared misses, Austin stabs and kills.
  • Round 2 - Jared throws his javelin, which hits, then they both exchange blows, and Jared gets the last hit.
  • Round 3 - Austin damages himself via fall damage. Jared wins by throwing multiple javelins from a distance before Austin could do anything.

Match 5 Edit

  • Round 1 - They decide to remove their weapons and just punch each other. Austin proves to be much faster than Jared, and gets multiple blows in a row.
  • Round 2 - Austin was caught taunting as Jared hits him. Austin tries to run away, but Jared keeps getting hits in. Austin manages to get two kicks in, which kills Jared and wins him the game.

They decide to have one more punching match just for fun, but when they start Jared pulls out an axe and starts whaling on Austin catching him off guard.

PBG 3 matches, ProJared 2 matches.

PBG won 8 rounds, ProJared won 5 rounds.