Jared is smugly playing Blackthorne.

Upload Date May 12th 2012
Series ProReview

Score A one-armed, no look behind the back shotgun shot out of ten


Synopsis Edit

Jared doesn't have much history with this game. He found it in a store, and picked it up, and he's glad that he did. This is one of Blizzard's earlier titles.

The animations are fluid and well detailed, but the game is much slower than a typical platformer. Jared discusses the story. Kyle Blackthorne is a bad-ass, and is cool in every way. Kyle's main combat move is to shoot whatever is behind him with his shotgun without looking. Jared thinks this is awesome, and decided to do this as often as possible. The running and jumping is difficult to navigate because of the slow, tile-based movement of the game.

The combat is also slow paced, but not necessarily bad. Every fight is a cover-based shoot-out. Kyle even leans into the background when there's nothing there to cover behind. It can make him dodge almost anything, and enemies can do it too, and this can make combat very difficult later in the game.

Sometimes, Kyle's people will give him healing items and bombs. Because of this, Jared talked to everyone, and even took bullets for them (because they get killed in a single shot) only for some of them to reply with "Curse this terrible life", "Curse Sarlac!" or "Unnnng". This annoyed Jared because there was no reason to save them. There was no penalty for them dying though, so Jared shot them.

There is also a lot of puzzles and using items at certain places in the levels. If the player uses an item incorrectly, the player has to give up the level and try again.

By the end of the game, Kyle's shotgun is so powerful that it shoots explosive rounds, doesn't need reloading and is fully automatic. The final boss is Jared's least favorite part of the game, as it is more of an action boss fight, which goes against the rest of the game. He's really not that hard of a fight, even though Jared died a few times. Kyle takes the boss's skull and mounts it on his wall as he promised before the fight.

The game states that Kyle ruled with honor. Jared calls bullshit, he ruled with a shotgun, and was feared by his enemies, because he had a shotgun.

The game is awkward at first, but it is challenging and unforgiving. Slowly figuring the game out is apart of the fun. It's a solid puzzle platformer. Jared states that he will work on shooting a shotgun behind his back, and begins lifting a small weight and states that he will get back to the viewer later.