With a new Monster Hunter game out, Jared heads back to his old Monster Hunter Beginner's Guide series. This time, his video is on Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate.

Beginner's Guide To Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate
Upload Date February 20th 2015
Series Beginner's Guide To Monster Hunter


Synopsis Edit

Jared states that if the viewer is new to Monster Hunter, they should watch the three previous videos, as most of the concepts between the two games are still the same. Therefore, Jared only discusses the new mechanics in this game.

Most weapons now have new attacks and abilities to try out, and every weapon now has an aerial attack. Jared then discusses how to tactically climb things. Jared discusses how to kill the creature while mounting them. The village quests are now more important than they were in previous games. Jared discusses the symbols in the quest menus.

The enemies are much more difficult than the previous game, so defeat is a real threat. Then there is the frenzy virus, which turns monsters berserk, making them more powerful, and the player can be affected by it too, and Jared discusses how to deal with it.