Jared continues to give an introduction into playing Monster Hunter Ultimate 3.

Beginner's Guide To Monster Hunter (Part 2)
Upload Date April 3rd 2013
Series Beginner's Guide To Monster Hunter


Synopsis Edit

The villager quests are boring, but they are useful. Jared instructs how to create a meal, and the benefits to eating. Always eat before fighting. Also, make sure you always have food and recovery items in battles. Jared instructs how to combine items in order to make better items.

Jared heads out to the base camp and shows off the delivery box, and the supply box. If playing with friends, make sure everyone shares. Don't ever bother with torches. Jared discusses the supply items.

Jared finally gets to the first enemy, and it is huge. Jared discusses tactics to fighting it, such as using paintballs to see it on the map in case they flee. Jared discusses breaking pieces off the enemy. Jared discusses shock traps and pitfall traps. Bombs are also discussed in order to create extra damage.

Some quests require the player to capture the monster, and Jared discusses how to do this.