Jared begins a three part series discussing how to play Monster Hunter, and become as good as Jared. The game Jared is playing is Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate.

Beginner's Guide To Monster Hunter (Part One)
Upload Date March 25th 2013
Series Beginner's Guide To Monster Hunter


Synopsis Edit

Jared begins by discussing the equipment you receive at the start of the game, and which one is the best (they are all the best). Jared then discusses the stats of the weapons. Before we go into the field, Jared discusses the armor given to the player at the start of the game.

Jared instructs to buy some tools before heading out into the world, like butterfly nets, pickaxes, and fishing rods. Also, the player will need to collect everything that can be found, because everything is useful. The discussion now goes towards making weapons better, and forging.

Making better armor, and working towards making better armor is where the video finishes on.