Animal Crossing New Leaf - Problem Solver
Upload Date June 5th 2013
Series none


Jared, Lauren and Corey are in a meeting. Jared is the manager of the town, while Lauren and Corey are regular towns people. The two girls are informing Jared that the citizens are complaining about the things that he has done.

Nobody can get any cool furniture for their homes because Jared has been taking it all. Lauren states that people have been seeing more pitfall traps popping up all over the place. Cut to Jared digging a hole with an evil laugh.

Corey complains that Jared was supposed to be collecting donations for the new bridge, but he was out fishing instead. For some reason none of the deliveries are being delivered. Cut to Jared catching butterflies while laughing loudly. Then Lauren states that the butterflies are all extinct.

When asked what Jared is going to do about the unhappy people in the town, he gives Lauren and Corey letters. Lauren's letter says that she should change her catchphrase from "Precious" to "Butts". Corey's letter contains a new shirt.

Trivia Edit

  • This is the first video featuring Corey Pettit on Jared's channel, and Lauren Moore's second.
  • This is the first video including on ScrewAttack to feature both Corey and Lauren, as Corey left ScrewAttack before Lauren was hired.